The information discussed here means there will be many different opinions expressed on many different subjects on this board. We have members from all over. Please try to refrain from posting comments that may be considered offensive to people from other countries, cultures, religions, etc. Have respect for everybody and their individual beliefs. Members are allowed to express opinions and beliefs without fear or concern of being attacked or belittled.


Personal Messages are used for private communication between individual members, not intended for the general public to view on the forums. New members are restricted from sending Personal Messages until a Post Count of 20 has been attained. In addition, if it has been brought to the attention of a Staff Member that Personal Messages have been used to harrass, solicit, spam, or flame another member, an investigation will be launched and the reported member's rights to send/receive Personal Messages may be revoked.


You may not harass, threaten, abuse or intimidate other users. This behavior will not be tolerated and you may be subject to disciplinary action. We do not like flame wars, and we reserve the right to close topics that we deem have become flame wars. This policy is in force whether on the Message Board, the Shoutbox, or through the use of Personal Messages.


Do not post anything containing sexual content. If you have something that's not directly sexual to post, but can be interpreted as sexual, please contact an Administrator or Moderator with questions. In addition sexual harassment through the use of Personal Messages or the Shoutbox, will result in IMMEDIATE TERMINATION! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! We have ZERO TOLERANCE for behavior of that nature at Larry's 66 Diner!


Do not post any words which are considered to be profane or obscene. Do not attempt to get around this rule by misspelling, adding spaces or replacing letters with symbols to convey a word which is considered profane or obscene. As a part of this rule, please do not type in ALL CAPS, as this indicates you are shouting at someone. In addition, violent talk, fights, flaming, racist language, or other abusive language is not tolerated on the Message Board, the Shoutbox, OR through the use of Personal Messages. THIS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF POSTING PRIVILEGES!!!! The goal is to make this a site which is appropriate for all ages.


Casual comments about a person's political or religious convictions are acceptable. However, derogatory posts in reference to one's religious or political beliefs will NOT be accepted at Larry's 66 Diner. Failure to comply to this rule may result in membership termination. For clarification on what is acceptable, please send a Personal Message to a Staff Member.


You are more than welcome to post links to other websites, but please do not post links to websites which have adult content or are inappropriate for viewing by children. Websites which are inappropriate are at the sole discretion of Larry's 66 Diner Staff.


Should a serious conflict with a fellow member arise, do not attempt to resolve the matter yourself; please contact a Staff Member to allow them to attempt to resolve the issue. If you have a problem or conflict with a Staff Member please contact Larry via Personal Message.


Staff Members of Larry's 66 Diner have the right to edit, move, merge or delete any post, thread or signature which do not follow the above rules or is determined to be objectionable or offensive in any way.


The use of multiple identities is not permitted at Larry's 66 Diner. Attempting to use more than one identity indicates deception; therefore, it is prohibited. If it has been determined by a member of Staff that any member is attempting to use more than one identity, posting privileges may be suspended and/or terminated.


You agree to NOT use Larry's 66 Diner Message Boards to advertise or to solicit anyone to buy, sell, or trade products or services of any kind. There are numerous other sources on the internet for business of this nature — not at Larry's 66 Diner.


  • Moderators control individual forums. They reserve the right to modify, delete, or prune any posts in their forums. The Moderator's objective is to keep discussions friendly, family safe, and constructive, to help someone post or learn to post properly, and to enforce good online etiquette. They also play host, greeting anyone who comes in, answering questions when needed, and helping the members find their way around the boards. They also moderate for advertising, inappropriate posts or links, and other disruptive behavior.
  • Administration reserves the right to impose further restrictions. A rule does not specifically have to be written to be enforced. There is no substitute for good "common sense" when posting.
  • If you disagree with an action that has been taken by a member of the Moderating Team, please send a PM to an Administrator and the issue will be investigated and discussed. But, in most cases, the judgment and decision of the Moderator will be enforced.
  • We DO NOT endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any posting, regardless of whether the posting comes from a member or from a celebrity or "expert" guest. There is no substitute for your own good judgment.